We can bring Samarkand Cafe to your home, venue or office. Guest at your event can enjoy our delicious Uzbek food.

We have our service staff ready to help you with set up and the service.



Please call us or email us: for a specially designed Samarkand cafe menu created with your special event needs in mind.


Catering Menu



Catering for  6-10 people


Catering Appetizer/Salade
Samsa meat/pumpkin (10 pcs)  $39

Pomidor Salad  $50
Karam Salad/Cabbage salad $60
boimjon Salad/Eggplant salad  $60
Catering Soup
Shurpa  $70
Moshhurda/Mung bean soup (vegetarian soup)  $65


Catering Main Dishes


Uzbek Pilaf  $90

Dimlama  $90

Manti  (40 pcs)  $70

Hanim  $70